Adding veggies to smoothies- carrot peach apple banana!





I am completely shocked yet again. Today I put carrots in my morning fruit smoothie, and just like yesterday with the tomatoes, I couldn’t even taste them!
Who knew eating veggies every day would be so easy. If I had known, I would have started putting veggies in my smoothies a long time ago. I’m going to challenge myself to put a new vegetable in my smoothie every day.
Tomatoes CHECK!
Carrots CHECK!

I’m going to go in search for a Farmers market in San Diego today, and pick out a vegetable for tomorrow morning’s new smoothie experiment.

4 thoughts on “Adding veggies to smoothies- carrot peach apple banana!

    • Thanks girly!! I’m brand new to incorporating vegetables with morning fruit smoothies; but let me tell you, after today’s delicious experiment- vegetable smoothies are going to be a daily thing! Have you found any sumptuous fruit & veggie combos?

      • Well you’re doing a great job! I would actually love to post the recipe/your blog link to my website under the “strong food” tab! 🙂 I think other ladies would love it too…people always dislike drinking their veggies so this gets the job done! I have found some delicious combos…mainly smoothies, that will be going up on my site later this week like “iced coffee fraps with spinach”…I know, but don’t worry, it’s hidden well!

      • Absolutely!! I’d love that. I’ll keep an eye out for your iced frapp with spinach recipe too. A week ago that would have sounded crazy, but after trying carrots and tomatoes in a smoothie this week; a bit of spinach in a frapp might actually be delicious! Thanks, I’m excited 🙂

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