Cucumber Strawberry Peach- a mouthful of summer!




I’m still really excited about adding vegetables to my smoothies, and the cucumber this morning was a great addition!

I could barely taste the light and crisp flavors of the 1/2 cucumber I put in.

Adding a vegetable to every smoothie this week has made them so much more gratifying to drink!

Today’s morning smoothie ingredients:
Peach nectar juice

Delicous and refreshing on this hot San Diego day!

3 thoughts on “Cucumber Strawberry Peach- a mouthful of summer!

  1. Oh, cucumber is a wonderful idea! I chopped up some celery to add to a green smoothie I’ll drink in the morning (with kiwi, avocado) and I’m curious about how it will turn out. I also wonder about steamed, chilled zucchini. Have you tried either of these in your own smoothies? I think I’ll experiment this weekend! Thanks for the pretty posts 🙂 these look delicious.

    • Ah I love the celery and zucchini idea!! That sounds like a wonderfully delicate addition to a fruit smoothie, especially with kiwi. You have to come back and tell me how that tastes! Out of curiousity, why would you steam the zucchini before you put it in the smoothies, do you think it will effect the taste? Thanks so much for reading 🙂

      • I will definitely report back.
        I just think steaming the zucchini and letting it cool will give it a more pureed, less stringy taste. I’m just afraid the zucchini would be too tough without being cooked first. I’ll make a little of both and let you know!

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