Kettle Chips- Oh My Gosh I’m addicted!

Jalapeno flavor; so spicy and SO addicting.

I like to tell myself they are healthier because they don’t have any Cholesterol or trans fat… but deep down inside I know they’re probably just as bad as lays.

I stick to a 80/20 diet which means 80% healthy and 20% what ever I want.

Kettle chips will definitely be taking up ALL of my 20% today haha!!

Has anyone tried any of the other flavors?

3 thoughts on “Kettle Chips- Oh My Gosh I’m addicted!

    • I know right!!!! I bought a whole big bag of them yesterday and I think I’m going to use them as a crumbled topping on my next baked mac and cheese recipe. Honestly, they taste good with everything!! Have you found any delicious creative uses for Kettle Chips?

      • I enjoy them right out of the bag. Plain and simple. However, I do like to dip them in hummus. Not so creative though.
        Baked mac & cheese with crumbled jalapeno kettle chips sounds amazingly delicious.

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