About this health blog!

I have big dreams for this fabulous health blog. As the bible says, if your dreams are achievable, then they’re definitely not big enough! I have God sized dreams, and I know he’s right behind me pushing me to make them even bigger.

My Vegetarian Dreams (Learning how to cook, from scratch… literally! )

After 24 years of growing up thinking that chocolate was a food group, and eating a shameful diet of 100% carbs, processed foods and sugar; I’m finally breaking my unhealthy eating habits, and teaching myself how to bake, cook and sauté in my own kitchen. I’ve finally kicked out my crazy over-flowing pink stiletto collection that I kept in my dusty-unused oven, and I’m excited to announce that my cobwebbed kitchen isn’t just extra shoe storage any more. This girl’s got a feather duster in one hand, and a spatula in the other; and I’ve created this health blog to document my journey on learning to use both!

Besides burnt toast, bagel bites, and Kraft Mac & Cheese; the only thing I used to know how to make in the kitchen- was a mess (and several small fires.) Journey with me throughout the pages of my health blog, as I roll up my sleeves, and adventure into the infinite abyss of my kitchen :) Step-by-step, recipe-by-recipe- I’m slowly growing up and teaching myself how to sautee, bake, and become BFFs with my hot pink cooking utensils. Oh, and since I’ve been a Vegetarian my whole life, you don’t have to worry about me slipping meat in anywhere. This blog is 100% Vegetarian, 100% always!

My Health/Fitness Dreams

There are SO many things that go into living a healthy lifestyle. Although the food you eat is a very important part, there are so many other wonderful attributes that contribute to being the best you that you can be! I’ll be blogging every day about some easy ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, and I hope to inspire my readers to get off the computer every once in a while, and actually pursue the fitness/exercise tips that I write about. Unfortunately, that flabby muffin top that you have flowing over the top of your jeans, isn’t going to tone itself. That arm fat isn’t going to disappear by you re-blogging pictures of fruit either. Don’t worry, I’ve created this health blog to teach you how to earn that body that you’ve always dreamed of.

Now, Let’s Get Real- 

You will find absolutely no diet pills, eating fasts, or “get-fit-in-one-week” fat-loss myths here. I’m real, and I’m honest. I may not be the best speller- but I’m a real girl, who’s learning how to live a real healthy life- and my dream is to inspire you to do the same. If I can go from Mac & Cheese; to salads and smoothies, SO CAN YOU.  The Fitspirational Blonde is here to teach you how to incorporate health and fitness into your daily life, so that your “2 week diet and workout routine” actually lasts a life time.

So grab your feather dusters and spatulas guys; if you’ve come to my blog, you’re obviously already smart, funny AND good looking… so why not add healthy and fit to the mix of your greatness. It’s time get FIT-spired, make positive changes in your life, and earn the body/ healthy life style you’ve been dreaming about.

Love always Brittany,

The Fitspirational Blonde







Fitspirational Positivity <3

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