How my health blog began

After my last operation (where they cracked my upper jaw) I was put on a STRICT diet and could only eat certain foods because my mouth was legitimately wired shut. My doctor told me I had to find a way to keep track of everything I ate, and all of the exercises I progressively began to do with the passing weeks.

This was around the same time one of my best friends came over and introduced me to Tumblr, so I thought what better way to keep track of my food and exercises that posting it on a health blog that I could not only look at myself, but also give a link to my doctor!

I started out knowing NOTHING about blogging. It took me a week to figure out how to post a picture of an avocado. But since I had taken the semester off of college and couldn’t drive or leave the house… I spent weeks figuring things out on my own!

I could only consume liquids at the beginning, so I started out by posting all the recipes to the fruit smoothies I made everyday. This was a HUGE change to my diet, as I was used to eating foods full of carbs and drinks packed with sugar.

I soon began to recover, and could eat whatever I wanted… however I was so energized and full of life after being filled with healthy and nutritious fruits from my smoothies, that I didn’t want to go back to my macaroni diet.

I started eating better, and began getting my strength back by doing the “30 Day Shred” workout I found online. For the first time I wasn’t just skinny, I was FIT and TONED and IT FELT FABULOUS. I also became in LOVE with Zumba, and am now considering getting a license to teach it this summer.

I blogged about everything I was doing every day, and before I knew it, 6 months had passed and I had over 5,000 followers reading my posts and following along with me on my Fitspirational journey!

Again, messages began to pour in with questions about the food I was making, my smoothie recipes and just about how I was living my new healthy lifestyle.

Since then, my curiosity about the health world has grown exponentially and I now eat vegetables almost every day, and ALWAYS start my day with a fresh fruit smoothie (no jello included!)

Blogging has become one of my absolute FAVORITE things to do 🙂

Fitspirational Positivity <3

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