We pet baby chicks, NOT eat them!



At a lovely afternoon adventure at my Godmother’s house, we discovered her 15 new baby chicks! They were SO cute. Bryan and I named this one Pablo. After getting to spend some quality time with Pablo, it breaks my heart to think about all the baby chicks and chickens that are suffering so much at food mills. Kept in tiny cages with no room to fly around and be free. It’s little moments like today with Pablo that remind me why I’ve been a Vegetarian my whole life.

Choose free-range chicken eggs at the store, or even better; buy your food from local farmers markets.

Proud vegetarian for 24 years!!! Pablo power 🙂


I spy a yorkie


I spy with my little eye, a cute wittle yorkie  with her precious little eyes on my asparagus!

I guess Locket is taking after her mommy and starting to love veggies 🙂


Family Fitness

Oh My GOSH this was too cute not to post on my health blog!

Family Fitness

Now this is what I call family fitness!

Getting fit with your family is a GREAT way to keep yourself motivated. Also, it’s so gratifying to know the people that you love are getting healthy right beside you.