Apple Pecan Summer-Berry Salad!

This salad is perfect for any summer gathering, party or lunch!

The combination of fruit, nuts and dark leafy greens makes this salad not only delicious, but high up on a healthy scale.

It also only took me 5 minutes to put it together. Easy and delicious, my favorite combination 🙂

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  • Apple Pecan Dressing
  • Green Apple Slices
  • Strawberries
  • Cucumbers
  • Sliced Almonds
  • Dark Leafy Spring Lettuce
  • Spinach Leaves

I found that this salad is better shaken. When you just pour the dressing over the lettuce, it tends to clump up on various ingredients and doesn’t reach to others. Trust me, this incredible dressing is so tasty, you’ll want it to reach every piece!

Make sure not to over-dress your salad. The delicate sweetness of the Apple Pecan dressing is delicious, but it’s easy to over do it. Start small, and add as needed.



Fruits & Veggies: What to refrigerate

Guess what guys, there’s hope for your unimaginably small fridge! If you’re like me and your fridge seems to ALWAYS be jam packed with one thing or another, this list will be really helpful. There is no need to take up extra room in there with a food that does just as well left on your counter top.



Choose a healthy dessert


I chose to snack on some homemade blue raspberry jello tonight with my dad, instead of a bowl of icecream or a bunch of cookies!

Less sugar, less calories and just as satisfying.

I added fresh blueberries and raspberries while preparing the jello mixture this morning, unfortunately I got hungry and ate them before I took this picture. They were a fresh and fruity Fitspirational spin to this classic dessert.


3 minute summer fruit salad!



Salads are so great because of how quick and easy they are to throw together. This salad took just 3 minutes to make, and it’s incredibly healthy.

Packed with dark leafy greens, fresh strawberries and black berries galore, a delicate sprinkle of feta cheese and topped with a poppy seed vinegarette; this salad is the perfect quick and easy summer salad.