Summer Challenge

Welcome Cassii to the beginning list of Fabulous SUMMER RECIPE Challengers:

  1. CARLY
  3. Edna
  4. Taileen
  5. Brianna
  6. ELISE
  7. Brandon
  9. AMY
  10. Cassii

If you’d like to join the growing list of followers who are part of the SUMMER CHALLENGE: 2 NEW RECIPES A WEEK!, message me your name HERE and I’ll add you (along with a link to your blog, as well as the two foods you’re thinking about making this week) to this list!

All you have to do is make two new recipes a week till the end of summer and blog about it. So easy, so fun!

Also, don’t forget to post your recipes and send me the link, so I can reblog it on the new official Summer Recipe Challenge page 🙂

Let’s all make friends and fill our bellies with delicious new recipes for summer!


You are what you eat!

new skin

… I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be a banana then a burger. Enough said!