Afternoon Health Blogging- What a wonderful life!

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Sunny San Diego today, and I’m so blessed to be able to take a few hours by this classy fountain and blog my little Fitspirational Heart out!

Afternoon Blogging

I just finished a bowl of fresh hearty tomato basil soup at the quaint cafe next door, and it was just enough to fill my tummy for the next few fabulous hours. I’m lucky to have snagged this awesome spot next to the fountain, the sound of the water falling is perfect blogging music.

Not going to lie, this fountain next to me is looking pretty cold and tempting… if there wasn’t a group of seventy-something year old golden girls sitting at the table next to me, I’d dive right in!

On that note- I’ve decided that I’m going to use the rest of my college free summer to pour my heart and soul into my cyber baby TheFitspirationalBlonde.com! Get excited guys, I have spectacular God-sized dreams for this fabulous blog.

Many more fountain-side days of blogging to come this summer ๐Ÿ™‚ย 20130713_144845


Palm Springs Outfit- CHECK!


I’m so excited to go on a mini vacation tomorrow with my 2 best friends! We’re going to Palm Springs and it’s supposed to be 108 degrees (yikes!)

At least I’ve got a cool outfit to wear in the hot weather! This is my first long dress, so I’m really excited to wear it.

Getting out of your city is a great way to feel refreshed and get out of your daily routine.


Real peach purse!! Fashion is getting fruity

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you walk into a health food store and find a PURSE FOR PEACHES!!


I’m sure the security camera people monitoring the cameras in the produce sectio, had a BLAST watching me walk up and down the isle pretending I was modeling the peach purse at New York fashion week ๐Ÿ™‚

“Pose, pose, pose, PEACH!”




I’m grocery shopping right now, and when I reached the avocado section my heart almost fell out of my chest!!
These were all the avocados left in the whole store… I blinked my eyes (hoping when I opened them back up that bin would be full) but unfortunately it didn’t.
All that was left is 10 lame hard avocados. Sad day!
Ok ok ok, my avocado obsession may be out of control, but I refuse to give up this easily.

Off to another store on an avocado hunt ๐Ÿ™‚


Adventures with a Dragon Fruit

After 2 years of searching, I finally found my very own Dragon Fruit!!!




Getting my little hands on this beautiful-pink-exotic fruit has been on my “Food Bucket List” for quite some time now. When I saw a basket full of pink Dragon Fruits at the grocery store, I could hardly believe my eyes.ย The moment I spotted the dragon fruit, I began to run towards it at full speed (which wasn’t very fast considering I was wearing heels as usual) as I pinched myself along the way to make sure I wasn’t dreaming! My blonde hair flowing in the wind, dodging housewives, kids and grandmas right and left (insert dramatic music here.)ย In my imagination, I pictured myself fighting off hundreds of housewives to get my hands on one of these… but the other people in the store seemed to care less that there was a Dragon Fruit in their presence. Obviously they didn’t know what they were missing.

Finally, when I got my hands on one of these precious gems, it was if the heavens opened up the grocery store ceiling, and the angels started singing! I grabbed my phone, and asked the nearest housewife to snap a picture of me kissing it, yes right in the middle of the store. I have no shame… and proud of it!


Brittany Dragon Fruit

My first instinct was to FILL MY WHOLE SHOPPING CART with Dragon fruits, but after laying eyes on the $5.99 price tag, that instinct flew right out of the hole in the ceiling that the singing angels made.

After texting all my best friends a picture of my juicy pink victory, I went right home and cut it open with my boyfriend.

This is what they look like inside-

Dragon Fruit1

Unfortunately, after 2 years of searching… I didn’t like the taste. It tasted like the green part of a watermelon that’s left over after you’ve eaten all the sweet pink parts. Perhaps it hadn’t been ripened yet, but I wasn’t about to spend another $5.99 to find out. Next time, I’m going to try and make a smoothie out of a Dragon Fruit, maybe I’ll like that better.

That concludes my adventures with a Dragon Fruit, now time to find another exotic fruit to add to my Food Bucket List!