Red Berry Swirl Smoothie


This is a delicious high anti-oxident smoothie! I used only red fruits and berries, and it came out great.

Red apple slices
Cranberry juice
Apple Juice

Blend, swirl and drink!


Restaurant tips: Choosing water over soda


I’m out to lunch with my best friend at this adorable new cafe that just opened up in beautiful San Diego. We both ordered water at lunch, which inspired this post!

3 reasons why you should choose water over soda at a restaurant:

1.) Price- If you’re constantly ordering soft drinks when you dine out, you’re basically spending money to deteriorate your health. Save yourself the $2.75 glass of sugary cavaties, and stick with pure water!

2.) Lemon water- Adding a lemon to your water has so many health benefits. Mindbodygreen.com says it has a great source of vitamin C, balances your PH levels, aids weight loss because it balances your Alkaline levels. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather be improving my health at lunch then deteriorating it.

3.)Hydration- Did you know soda actually dehydrates your body? When you drink soda, it tricks your body into thinking it wants salty foods. Thus, you’ll be more likely to order an unhealthy option on the menu. Also, a lot of the time when you think you’re hungry- you’re actually just dehydrated. By drinking water before every meal, you’ll eat less.

Choose water over soda!


Green Apple Mango Smoothie


I love the sweet-sour twist that the green Apple added to this morning’s smoothie!

The 4 simple ingredients make this an easy smoothie to throw together on your way out the door.

2 green apples
2 mangos
1 peach
1/2 cup Pink Colada juice (this is what I have in the fridge, but it would also taste great with Mango juice.)

Add ice, your favorite fruity garnish and blend! Maybe a colorful mini umbrella too if you’re feeling fancy.