The Color Run- Running Towards our HEALTHY Happily Ever After!

I am SUCH a DIY (do it yourself) project girl!

No matter what event we’re going to, I will almost always try to come up with a creative t-shirt to make it a little more memorable. Plus, I have to put my drawers and drawers of pink glitter to use somehow haha.

These were the shirts that I came up with for the Color Run and I LOVE them. I spent a total of $30 at Michael’s Crafts.

Made With:

  • Puffy Paints
  • V neck WHITE shirts (in preparation for our neon running adventure the next day)
  • Iron-on letters (two packs)

The backs of our shirts had the URL to my health blog (TheFitspirationalBlonde) and “YOU CAN DO IT!!!!) in huge letters above that. We wanted to spread our positive encouragment to the slow pokes behind us that ate our dust as we ran by, haha jk (kind of.)

Word of advice, get a workout partner! It’s always great to have someone to accomplish your health goals with you (and to wear your corny t-shirts too.)

See my last post for more pictures from The Color Run!



Get your name on the list!

Brittany's Summer 2013 Challenge Logo

Beginning list of Fabulous Summer Recipe Challengers:

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If you’d like to join the growing list of followers who are part of the SUMMER CHALLENGE: 2 NEW RECIPES A WEEK!, message me your name HERE and I’ll add you (along with a link to your blog, as well as the two foods you’re thinking about making this week) to this list!

Also, don’t forget to post your recipes and send me the link, so I can reblog it on the new official Summer Recipe Challenge page 🙂

Let’s all make friends and fill our bellies with delicious new recipes for summer!


Brand New Kitchen Table!!

Last night, the two men in my life (my dad and my boyfriend Bryan) decided to adventure into the infinite abyss of IKEA in search of a new kitchen table. After about 30 minutes in that HUGE maze of a store, we finally found this big dark wood beautiful table!!

I am so in love with it, if I could sit there staring at the lake in my back yard and blog all day I totally would.

First Meal on new table

We just had dinner on it and I’m proud to say it was incredibly healthy. A great way to kick off a new table and the beginning of summer in a Fitspirational way 🙂

  • FRESH Corn (steamed with a bit of pepper)
  • FRESH Brussel Sprouts (steamed with a bit of honey and pepper)
  • Home made grape juice in classy wine glasses.

This is going to be such a great summer, I can already feel it.



Jillian Michaels- Body Revolution

Hey guys,

After an intense semester in college, I’m officially back to blogging for the summer! I worked so hard to get good grades, that I definitely earned every second of blogging time. I honestly feel SO out of shape though, unfortunately taking finals burns absolutely NO calories. If breaking a sweat got me straight A’s, I’d be living in my gym.

BR cds

Anyway, as you guys know, I usually kick my summer off by starting Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred. However, since I’ve finished it 4 times all the way through already, I decided to challenge myself and see what else is out there. I found out Jillian Michaels has a more intense work out, called BODY REVOLUTION.

Body revolution is a 90 day workout, which is 60 days longer then the 30 Day Shred!

I’m excited to earn my body for the next 90 days. My body Revolution starts tomorrow.

Brittany is going from skinny to FIT!

I’ll be posting every day about how i’m feeling (the good AND the bad) as well as an occasional progress update.

If you’re going to start any kind of summer workout or have already started one, PLEASE message me! I love knowing who else is motivated enough to push themselves through an entire workout, so we can be there for each other when we’re feeling unmotivated.

Any more questions? Just ASK

This is going to be a great summer, I can already feel it 🙂

Xox Brittany,

The Fitspirational Blonde